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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing — EMDR Therapist, Doctorate in Toxicology, Toxicologist

Natural Pain and Stress Relief

How I work

I use natural mind and body therapies along with my medical knowledge (as a scientist) and personal experience to provide you with an individualized solution to your pain, be it physical, emotional or both. (To read about my education and certifications click here).

I have a deep understanding of the brain, the nervous system, as well as the underlying physiology of many health and pain conditions. I also have a deep understanding of the role of emotions, thoughts, and beliefs have in the biology of disease and chronic pain, and in the wellness of an individual.

I am trained and experienced in whole-body integrated (holistic), natural practices, that act directly on the subconscious mind (such as hypnotherapy and EMDR) that can be used to recover from pain and emotional distress.

My goal is to help you put your brain and nervous system back into a state of balance so that they are also working for you in support of your recovery and to achieve a state of peace and happiness.

My goal is not just to get you to be ok, but to reach a state of gratitude and joy in your life, where life is bliss. This is possible even if you are coming from the darkest of corners in your life.  I know because I’ve done it. (You can read my story by clicking here).

I can teach you the strategies you need to get you healthy in both mind and body and how to keep you that way.

To view a list of my qualifications and certifications or to learn more about my story of how I overcame chronic pain and illness click here.

Take control of the mind and body connection

I help people take control of the mind and body connection to facilitate recovery, optimize health and healing, and to go beyond achieving a balanced healthy state of well-being into blissful being. Life can be joy and you deserve it.

The body and mind are connected. They always work together in concert and you can’t have one without the other. Often times people, even health practitioners, can neglect the powerful role the mind (our brain and nervous system) has over our health, happiness, and overall well-being. When in reality this powerful connection gives us the opportunity to turn everything in our lives around.

Everything starts and begins with the mind because nothing happens in the body without the brain and nervous system being involved. The brain and nervous system control every aspect of your body, including your physical and mental state. You can’t have healing and recovery, peace or happiness, without the mind being on board and helping to make it happen. You can, however, have anxious thoughts, worries, and negative beliefs getting in the way. These all have physical, scientifically measurable, consequences.

It’s important not just to get a handle on the brain’s interaction with the body, but also to learn how to drive it! It’s important to learn how to control and influence the brain and nervous system’s behaviour in order to support your health and wellness goals. I can help you do that and once you’ve done that, I can help you learn how to enhance your experience of love, work, and play to turn your life into joy.  You deserve it.

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