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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing — EMDR Therapist, Doctorate in Toxicology, Toxicologist

Free 45-Minute Open-Help Session

What is the free 45-minute Open-Help Session?

The Free Open-Help Session is the only way I can attend to your questions and help you now because of the high demand.

I’m passionate about helping EVERYONE find their way to freedom from pain and suffering, and to build a life of happiness and fulfilment!!!

I came up with the Free 45-Minute Open-Help Sessions that take place online in a group video-conference format to answer any questions you may have about EMDR, meditation, hypnosis, mind and body connection, psychological trauma, how to find a good therapist… etc, and to share healing tips apart from the ones I publish on my youtube channel – VivPhd, and sister website, VivPhd.

I’ve helped a lot of clients over the years free themselves from the burdens created by their traumatic pasts and now I’m getting far more inquiries for help than I can attend to on an individual basis. So I came up with the 45-Minute Open-Help Sessions to help all of you FOR FREE. As I’m only one person, this is the best way to help address each of your questions and to offer you personalized tips and suggestions as best I can in this format.

I do this because I AM COMMITTED to helping all of you find the help you deserve!!!

So please fill out the form to reserve your spot now!!! These are 100% FREE 🙂

Looking forward to connecting with you!

***My assistant will be in touch with everyone who fills out this form to give you personalized attention, including information about my EMDR waitlist, or short-waitlist for one-time hypnosis sessions if you wish.***

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    Are you located out of town?

    No problem. I work exclusively online in both English and Spanish, so we can talk no matter where you’re located!  Please contact my assistant by filling out the form above to learn more.

    “I highly recommend the DNRS system! I used it in combination with EMDR to treat my MCS!”, Viv

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